TOD’S: A Step Ahead of the Rest


Italy’s renowned accessory brand TOD’S stands for understated luxury, elegance and exquisite high quality. Creativity, tradition and modernity with a strong hold on the international market are the main strengths of the TOD’S Group – a leader in the shoe and luxury leather goods industry. All TOD’S products are entirely made in Italy. This strategy has proven to be one of the greatest strengths of the company: a peculiarity that distinguishes the brand and draws customers who truly appreciate Italian craftsmanship.


As you enter the TOD’S newly opened Sydney boutique, you’ll note the heavenly bright interiors and the brand’s newly adopted strategy of having a dedicated men’s collections in an independent sector with round tables displaying TOD’S signature Gommino driving shoes.

Tods_New_store_AU6-entrance Tods_New_store_AU1-men

This easily recognized shoe with its bobble-bottomed sole, had core earnings before interest, tax, etc at 56.8 million euros last quarter, being over 22% of TOD’S sales. Pretty impressive.


Befitting the TOD’S brand, everything within the store is of the highest quality of interior design and very European. From natural wood panels to Pierre Bleu marble floors, every piece of detail adds a modern designer touch. Just like the shoes.




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