What Went Wrong With The Menswear at CANNES?

Called the most Dapper Men at Cannes, Ryan Gosling, Adrien Brody, Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Pattinson, James McAvoy, Channing Tatum, Steve Carrell, Mark Ruffano, Jay Ellis, and Rachid Youcef were the leaders of the pack with their styled attire.

Or were they?

We’ve assessed the styling, and have come up with a ‘yeah’ for the tuxedos, but a ‘huh?’ for some of the casual gear.

What say you Gents?

Feel free to leave comments below!

ryan gosling-guy-style-2-567

Ryan Gosling

Gosling looked handsome in a classic Gucci tuxedo styled with a white shirt and Gucci black patent leather shoes. We dig that he isn’t wearing a bow-tie and that the stark-white shirt is almost priest-like. It throws a halo over Gosling’s forehead. Again, elevating his appeal to all things female!


Adrien Brody

The actor was all smiles in this traditional black tux complete with bow-tie. And as you can see his best accessory was his charm. Nothing beats a celebrity who seems approachable and in zeal with life.


Sylvester Stallone

Now, we dig Stallone. We’ve got the box set of Rocky set trophy-like on the book shelf. We have ‘eye of the tiger’ in our gym-work-out playlist. Stallone chose an out-of-the-box lilac suit jacket for his appearance on the red carpet, pairing the standout piece with black pants and accessories. Now, there’s nothing wrong with lilac….but it really puts a downer on dudes who have looked up to the man all these years.

Brody-white suit

Adrien Brody

Brody chose a casual chic look for a photocall that consisted of a lightweight khaki suit. Genius! This is the best suit/causal attire we’ve seen at Cannes this year. Brody is all charm. We like him. He’s charismatic and elegant. Matching the tone of this suit and making sure his footwear was darker, was a real yes from the MSP team.


Ryan Gosling

Oooooo Gos-man…ahem, a striped blue button down shirt paired with brown pants and accessories. B.o.r.i.n.g. What were you thinking mate?

reynolds tux-cannes

Ryan Reynolds

The actor’s head-to-toe Gucci outfit made a stylishly sexy statement and certainly won us over. Again another no bow-tie event for Reynolds, who is loved by both gents and ladies for his grand choice of characters in the movies. Reynolds has chosen quite a wide lapel on his jacket (well his stylist did), which matches the smile on his dial.


Robert Pattinson

Pattinson rocked the casually cool with a green Marni blazer and dark denim jeans. Did he? Blue and green must never be seen. This champ has piercing blue eyes and he’s got a green blazer. No no. This absolutely doesn’t work. Pattinson’s look has always revolved around the t-shirt and leather jacket which really evokes his true personality….here, have they tried to tidy him up?


James McAvoy

McAvoy’s sleek navy suit and pensive stare were a win in the French Riviera. Alas, where is the shoe shine?! Sin sin sin. With such a sharp suit it is perfectly fine to wear mat-leather shoes (not patent) but this is disappointing. Come on James, being an English gentleman (or rather a Scottish warrior) you KNOW you’re judged by the shoes.


Channing Tatum

The actor wore a deep blue suit with a shocker of a collared shirt, topped off with Christian Louboutin shoes. The shoes take the cake here. Which isn’t what you need. They are to compliment the suit, alas, Louboutin is looking fly! Hmmm.


Steve Carell

Carell looked better than ever in a well-fitting suit that featured a crosshatch print jacket. Did he? I feel like I’m looking at someone wearing houndstooth on television where all the lines go spastic and hurt my eyes. There’s creativity in designing and then there’s pieces that just don’t work – unless it’s a joke?


Mark Ruffano

The actor showed off his edgy style in a camel-colored leather jacket, grey jeans, and t-shirt. We dig the Hulk, and also that we’re seeing a match of his colouring (salt and pepper) to the tones in his attire. Alas, his jeans need hemming. Too long.


Jay Ellis

Ellis wore this tuxedo well, which featured impeccable tailoring and a skinny tie. Spot on!


Rachid Youcef

Youcef sported cuffed jeans, a polkadot button down, and black jacket for an easy look. Are you sort of feeling he’s not that happy with being photographed? We’re not sure here if he’s doing a half dress rehearsal for the red carpet of if this is his ‘thang’…Note the Tux jacket and vest?


Channing Tatum

Tatum was the picture of male perfection in his tuxedo and matching bow tie.


Ryan Reynolds

The actor wore this suave look that featured mis-matched suit pieces and a red print pocket square. Really? We think from the waist down he looks great, but the torso up is um, a little, what? None of the colour tones are working here. Also, it washes Ryan out with his warm tones in his skin.

What say you Gentlemen?





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