@cyrusigono Tells us about Passion, Legacy and Music

When in stylin' mood

When in stylin’ mood

MenStylePower are always on the look out for cool dudes who have a strong opinion on the world of fashion, life and purpose. Cyrus Igono caught our eye with his suit-wearing, cool, dapper swag and so we knocked on his imaginary digital door to get his poetry on where’s he’s at right now. Here’s what he had to say. PS: Follow his twitter feed for a damn good laugh….

You have a store right? Online? What do you love about your own range?

Yea I actually run over 100 websites (Ultimate Geek Status) but in regards to fashion, you can catch my store at www.thefourthheir.com – The heir to the throne, like Jay Z, Diddy, 50 Cent .. then ME #surprise. Some other brands that I operate or have a slight involvement are www.cyrusigono.com and ftsclothingco.bigcartel.com

I am super frustrated with fashion right now as I only wear suits and for the brands I work on I now realize how hard it really is to develop a cut and sew line that is cohesive and fashionable. But it’s all a learning process, something that will take time to develop.

Tell us about your passions, opinions and styling.

My passion, man, deep question! My passions are competition, music and my legacy. I gotta be the best or I can’t do it. Those things are against what society is about these days, people want things so instant, it took me years to develop into an all conference football player in college, and more to be an All American. In business and being a creative, I know it’s going to be a long process for me to start even bearing the fruit that is in my mind. So I passionately do boring shit. Reading books, working on websites, creating plans to implement for myself and others.

See, to do or become something great you have to master the little things, so yea we have projects and clients that are “big” (gadsenrecords.com and celebrity-bakery.com) but it’s all just child-play because trust me the wave is coming soon. I will be the person that puts Phoenix Arizona on an International Stage. Everyone is going to know and appreciate what our culture here is about. That’s what my legacy will be, or I will be crazy, one of the 2, I am OK with either.

The sense of fashion is interesting here in Phoenix because it’s really hot. So you pretty much can’t be fat. LOL, but it pretty much kills spring fashion, it’s like hella cold in winter, the spring for 45 days then in summer you are very restricted in what you can wear because of the temperature. So Phoenix Fashion for those who know what’s up is as follows : winter = dress like you live in NYC, summer = dress like you live on a California beach. And there is no in between.

Who are you favorite designers?

John Varvatos
Raf Simons
Alexander McQueen
Louis Vuitton

If you had the chance to throw a dinner party, who would you invite (dead or alive)

Freaking Kanye West,
Napoleon Bonaparte,
Nicola Tesla
Floyd Mayweather
Damon Dash
Ray Lewis

And if you had full access to Barneys New York…what would we expect to see you dressed in when you walked out the store doors!

See fav designers question LOL!

How important is music to your life?

I’m an emotional Aquarius, if I didn’t have music I don’t know where would I be. Especially with football I remember listening to Eminem – Lose Yourself like 15 times in a row on gameday and getting national player of the week, or in the business world taking the passion from Kanye West and Jay Z inspiring me to throw ‘Arena Sized’ concerts. Music is everything.

What does attitude mean to you?

Attitude is who you are when you get socked in the face, or bad things happen. Basically attitude = what you are attracting. Positive attitude, positive life.




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