Is this the Worst Menswear at LC:M?

Sibling knitwear - like WTF?

Sibling knitwear – like WTF?

Through the whispers of London Collections Men, to Pitti Uomo to Milan Fashion Week, we hear that the daring and outrageous vision of talented designers are looking at being more risk taking in their menswear. Given that menswear is on a global renaissance due to healthy financial figures, good customer spend and fueled confidence due to online blogs and editorial sites, does this give permission for it to be as flamboyant as womenswear on the runways? Will it sell?

Whether it does or not, there is a large marginalised army of men who don’t like pink and red frills, or pompom head-dresses or skirts. They’re blokes.

As we see more money coming in the doors of retailers in menswear, we will naturally see more creativity power through the designers sketches. It’s a natural progression. The more cashflow the more creative juice. Alas, the psyche of men, when it comes to buying clothes, have just gotten use to patterns and textures and the return of the pocket square and bow tie. So introducing outrageous attire is just going to burst the bubble, and they’ll all go back into their ‘safe’ attire. And here is where brands like Prada and Jil Sanders will win.

Anything tooooooooooooo feminine will cause designers to have aged stock which will end up being picked up by the women. AH-HA!  There’s a business plan for ya. As we know women love wearing a man’s crisp white shirt after ***, ahem, yes that beautiful intimate moment, so why not his pom pom head-dress….then she’ll just claim it. Boom!

Craig green-no

Quilted japanese-esque samurai blue blob, by Craig Green.


Cartoon character 6-year old twin set on a 24 year old. By Man.


See through tank top, 3/4 pant, ballet slippers and kimono robe on man, by Astrid Andersen.

astrid_andersen_orange no

Sweatpants as a mid-riff top with see-through mesh with ballet slippers, by Astrid Andersen

jw anderson-bad

Get your pecks out. JW Anderson.

70s style: J.W. Anderson: Runway -  London Collections: Men SS15

Do we really need men looking like a women who’s stepped out of the 70s?

90s style: Moschino Catwalk Show at London Collections: Men SS15

The 90s can stay where they were if our Gents look like a walking flag.



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