Moschino Menswear 2014/5


Jeremy Scott. Man, you’ve done it again. Surprised us, made us cringe, made us look again and glorified the biggest small business in the world. I mean, who does that?!

We’re bringing this collection to you because Gents, there’s always that outspoken and comical personality in us that wants a voice. Usually that’s when we’ve had too many Jack D’s. Right? But if we’re looking for a bit of colour, look no further.

Moschino, loud, colourful and brash – worn by rappers, patriotic Americans, fashionistos and stylist. Made in Italy, made with pensiveness.

Buy it here:

MOschino sunglasses

Moschino-Mens-red jumper

Moschino-Mens-blueshirt Moschino-Mens-bluesky-tshirt Moschino-Mens-boots Moschino-Mens-color t Moschino-Mens-cowshirt Moschino-Mens-flowershirt Moschino-Mens-red sneakers Moschino-Mens-tshirt-white Moschino-Mens-black shoes

Moschino-FW14-Mens-Preview-03 moschino-jumper



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