Who we are

“Style is not just the clothes on a man, but the man in them!”

We’re savvy friends who have 40 years combined experience working in the entertainment, fashion, health, hospitality and media worlds. We’ve been invited to be part of New York Fashion Week – blogging for fashion giant Nautica and profiled by Barney’s New York. In 2015 we are now vlogging exclusively for AskMen, creating a style savvy vlog series covering menswear and accessories, along with top tips on how to be a gentleman in the twenty-first century.

What we do

We are here to discuss the power of a great suit alongside the appeal of a great attitude and gentlemanly spirit, unveiling the secrets of a diverse wardrobe while exploring the importance of mateship, hard work, integrity, cultivating inner strength and chivalry – values that every great guy lives up to. Johnny Depp has ‘it’. Brad Pitt flaunts ‘it’. Clooney plays with ‘it’. Sydney Poitier and Cary Grant were the modern day pioneers of ‘it’. For many men, the ‘IT’ factor – Style – is an intangible mystery. In frustration, men will either gripe about not having ‘it’, spend money on 1001 toys to get ‘it’ or totally ignore how fundamental ‘it’ is to their longterm success. So what do the ‘cool’ guys know that you don’t. What are their simple yet wildly successful secrets; the fundamentals of Style? Read our in-depth pages, and view our huge collection of images to find out.

Meet our team!


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Glen Davis 


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