Style Power Consulting

Imagine if you could access style secrets that could help turn around your game and gain you more confidence than you’ve ever had before about how you look and feel.

Imagine identifying a new and creative look for you that suits YOU.

Imagine being positioned to WIN by gaining the knowledge to make the right style AND life decisions, which then impacts on your self-confidence and finally on how people perceive you.

Introducing ‘STYLE POWER’

‘STYLE POWER’ is an exclusive style advice business offered by Louise Edmonds, Style Director of MenStylePower.

What’s the ‘STYLE POWER’ Difference?

‘STYLE POWER’ helps you design your own personal style by offering personalised advice on what it takes for you to look like the best you possible from top to tail; wardrobe, accessories and how to combine your best personal style with sophisticated looks and modern trends.

We’ll give you insights on what is acceptable etiquette and what are the required best moves in any social situation, and then we delve even deeper.

We explore the importance of having values and a strong belief in yourself – possibly the best secret to success – because remember, your self attitude determines your life altitude. We offer you a comprehensive understanding on how to affirm your unique and amazing spirit, how to recognise the different roles you play in life and how to stir up your confidence about your own distinctiveness.

The STYLE POWER consultation – is a step by step, simple and easy to reference consultation, with tips and tricks to give you a visual idea of what and how you can pull a great style look together.

We Style Companies

Today, the holistic image of a company, no matter how big or small, makes a lasting statement when pitching to win new business. Within 20 seconds someone has made an assumption about you pending on the suit you’re wearing, the pen you’re holding and the technology you’ve decided to align with your work life. We bring awareness to your staff on how to dress for success; we leverage the image of your business in the eyes of your current and prospective clients; we drive perception that you’re world leaders in your field and we add value with on-brand professional styling pertaining to your company values and mission statement.

We Style Individuals

Our work with individuals is incredibly empowering as we delve into the personal dreams and aspirations of one’s life. We  understand the power that great styling brings via shape, colour and form, we can see obvious changes that you may not. Our work with each individual is bespoke as no two people are alike. We start with an in-depth talk on personal needs, your measurements, desired shoes and accessories, we cover any potential injuries which may inhibit particular clothing and footwear and we look at the most appropriate and flattering silhouettes, desired looks to achieve and bring in all these points to galvanise a modern, sophisticated and on trend style.


Wardrobe Cleanse | Photography of existing wardrobe for your personal style look book | Personal Shopping excursions | Skype style consultations | One-off event styling | Grooming and Hair consultations and managing | Make-up consultation and purchasing | Style Guides | Personal and company look books | Wardrobe enhancing | Accessory Archetypes | Colour Palette chart | Shapes and silhouette chart | Etiquette lists.

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