True designer clothes, where art meets fashion.

The art-meets-fashion approach that designers are turning towards is finally bringing fashion back to the more ‘tailored’ and ‘personal’ touch. The mass-production that we saw saturate the garment racks in every retailer last year, has suddenly been exposed by the savvy consumer. Call it the GFC, or the greed that has compromised creativity and innovation, [...]

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The Westwood Homeless

Right so this must be the new way designers are showing off their ranges, because if you put all this stuff together for your daily outfit, you’d be looked upon as some homeless duff. Right? So, in viewing these pictures, you can see that the consumer would more than likely say, “Ok, I love the [...]

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Loose fitting clothes – art or deception?

There are reasons why men wear what they wear. And at Style Power we have looked into the psyche of why we do such a thing. Men will usually wear what they are use to or have seen. But they also wear clothes to purposely look good or bad. (I see you’re perplexed) In this [...]

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