Confident, stylish, and timeless – UpperCut Grooming

Containing compact versions of the original Uppercut Deluxe style tins, the mini tins are the perfect travel and desk draw accessory to keep the gents of Australia looking sharp from day to night.



MenStylePower have been using the products of UpperCut for over a year now. Our Co-Director, Michael was convinced he’d found the perfect pomade and aftershave balm in another brand, until it was suggested he try the UpperCut balm and deluxe pomade. Mike, a man of ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’, was impressed and has been an avid user of UpperCut ever since.

The Mini Styling Collection makes for the ultimate grooming gift; and they’re also the perfect introduction to the Uppercut Deluxe styling range, allowing gents to experiment with each of the products, to find their new signature style.RRP AU$30.

To coincide with the launch of the Mini Styling Collection, Uppercut Deluxe has brought together a group of four creative’s whose everyday lives embody the old world of craftsmanship, similar to that of the barbering trade.

In a series of short videos, a craft beer brewer, a letterpress professional, a custom sign writer and a professional boat builder showcase their expertise and dedication to mastering their trades, similar to the passion and devotion of barbers to their own trade. These videos are cool, gents.


Together these four characters represent the typical Uppercut Deluxe user – confident, stylish, and timeless and they provide us with an insight into how each of them incorporates their grooming routine into their everyday lives.

Be sure to check out for the latest series of how-to videos to get inspired.

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