HYT watchmakers sail into Sydney


Luxury watches are a desired and well-considered purchase among men; so what sets each new brand apart from the other?



Diamonds? Precious metals? Status? – There are so many elements to be discovered in this highly sought after industry.

To MenStylePower, the aesthetics and mechanisms along with the longevity of the piece is key, as you desire to leave each precious piece for the next generation’s custodian.

Today we view, HYT who is competing in the eighth and final round of the Extreme Sailing Series, and what a day to sail with an average of 25 knots and super blue skies.

The Extreme Sailing Series commences Thursday 8th December through to Sunday the 11th November 2016, with the race taking eight international teams through Sydney Harbour from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron in Kirribilli.

HYT is the proud sponsor of Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi, currently placed second with only 2 points separating it from first place.


So who is HYT?

HYT are Extreme alchemists, and the HYT’s Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers have turned utopia into reality – mixing watch mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch. These liquids being oil and water, being a perfect blend of liquid as the two will never fuse. If you note when you add olive oil into water, the oil will always repel water and maintain an almost ethereal elegance about it. While truly addicted to non- conformism, they have drawn upon the strictest codes in Fine Watchmaking – and felt entirely free to shatter them! Bravo. Never since the water clocks of the pharaohs, have the laws of gravity been overcome to transpose this energy in a portable watch. HYT has done it.

And leading the way is newly appointed Gregory Dourde, HYT’s CEO.


Grégory Dourde, an engineering graduate from the Ecole National des Ponts & Chaussées (Paris), obtained an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs in 1997. He has worked for major brands, including Cartier, in Retail / Marketing strategy and in the reorganisation of jewellery activity, followed by the Swatch Group and Calvin Klein Watches, and also the Management board of manufacturing companies under Nicolas Hayek Senior. He then founded his own consulting company, working on performance enhancement and development projects for companies operating in the medical, watchmaking and high-tech sectors, among others. His interest in and passion for fields as diverse as the physical sciences, biology, philosophy, plastic arts and music, reveal a desire to nurture and enrich ideas through an interdisciplinary approach, using this cross-pollination as the basis for research into innovative and original solutions.

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