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#GoodTimesAhead with #SQDAthletica

Introducing SQDAthletica; a new men’s clothing and lifestyle brand focused on finding balance, refining style and inspiring men to be fit for life. And why is this so important? Because we are gettin’ lazier.

You see, as we get older, and we experience more pressure in our lives, the more convenient we NEED to make it. Life that is. And then you have children. And if you have them, then you know it is a whole n’other chapter.

Keeping fit should be as daily as brushing your teeth. And if you don’t do this – 30 minutes a day – then you’re body is going to know about it, and then it will let you know about it, usually through pain. Yep that universal signal of something’s not right – body-giving- you- pain.

SQD Athletica windbreaker

SQD Athletica windbreaker

SQDAthletica has been created to help men have better and fitter lives, by sharing real stories and bringing you gents inspiring and handsome products. Now there’s nothing wrong with good looking quality products in your life. Is there?

So – at the end of the day, SQDAthletica philosophy is that life is to be enjoyed.

Australian owned and designed, SQDAthletica has been consciously and culturally crafted for all lifestyles. Designs inspired with city and nature in mind, creating products that feel right, are highly functional and don’t follow forecasts. We hate those, and well, they’re mostly wrong.

A clean and simple athletic apparel that supports whatever your day becomes, from a morning run to a daily commute. With its product range offering the latest in apparel, eyewear, skincare, tech and biking accessories, making it the one stop shop for active essentials.

Its #GoodTimesAhead approach is a big handshake hello, introducing you to the brand and takes a holistic approach to inspiring men to be fit for life and ultimately finding balance.

Join them at SQD Life and start to enjoy the #goodtimesahead

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