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Bald is Beautiful, and so is Reclaiming your Hair!

  A number of years ago, The Stig of Style made the bold proclamation that Bald is Back, and called for hair thinning men everywhere to embrace the ‘bald is beautiful’ mantra. Now, while bald is beautiful, it can also be incredibly confronting if you’re not ready for it and you don’t have the confidence to rock it. […]

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Vin Diesel....we think he's always been bald.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

The Bald and the Beautiful

Bald is bold. Bald is BAAAAD. Boys, bald is back. While you shudder in the bathroom at your tresses clogging up the sink, when you whimper at the sight of your mane clinging to your girl’s nails when she drags them through your scalp, when you begin wearing caps and fedoras at jaunty angles to hide […]

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