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Jaguar Steps it up in Style

When something stylish and sexy passes me in the street it is ingrained in my DNA for my pupils to dilate, hairs to stand on end and all extraneous distractions rendered oblivious. Case in point; her body was slim and sculpted. I could tell she lived a fast lifestyle, almost knocking me off my feet […]

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leather jacket-header
31 JANUARY 2014

The Right Leather Jacket for You!

The mythical leather jacket. The cool, easy rider symbol for all rebels, bikers, Top Gun rock stars, punks, goths, metal heads, rivet heads, modern day warriors and even the police, who’ve worn versions designed for protective purposes and occasionally for their potentially intimidating appearance. Looks above from Bottega Veneta, Burberry & Z Zegna. In the […]

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sports luxe header
22 JANUARY 2014

#SportsLuxe for Men

Wearing gym clothes beyond the gym has never looked more attractive. Indeed, in many of the world’s style capitals, it’s difficult not to notice the rise of the post-workout look. Sweats are no longer restricted to gym class; instead, they’re worn with a denim vest, a Sporty moisture-wicking zip-up jacket or a cashmere beanie.  Even […]

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