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27 FEBRUARY 2011

Seal of approval

Hollering from the den in the MenStylePower Mansion, Stylemeister’s voice could be heard as clear as crystal as he roared out his ever present laugh. “Did you read on twitter the idiot who said that Seal was ugly?”. My reply… “Um, you mean the multi-awarding winning, married to one of the most beautiful women on […]

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Top 10 Most Stylish Men in 20-10 (prediction)

It’s a new decade, and with it brings a not-so-new crop of stylish men who are making waves with their powerful persona and even more daunting style and wardrobe. Enter the MenStylePower ‘MITCH’ (MAN IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HIMSELF) Top Ten Awards – a nod to the best groomed men on the planet today. But […]

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