THOMAS WHALAN – The Stylish Olympian

Thomas Whalan is an Australian water polo player who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics, in the 2004 Summer Olympics, in the 2008 Summer Olympics and in the 2012 Summer Olympics.


From a highly-tuned athlete to businessman, Thomas discusses how his dream of amplifying his beloved water-polo sport to the public, took many years of dedication and commitment prior to Water Polo By The Sea being launched. The concept was designed to showcase the physicality and ruggedness of water polo, and to entice young swimmers to move into its powerful waves. Beyond his commitment to his talents, Thomas is also extremely passionate on being a leader in the eyes of his peers and the younger generations.

Thomas Whalan wears:

Tuxedo – @FarageAustralia

Accessories – @FarageAustralia

Shoes – @Aquila_EST1958

Socks – @PaulSmithdesigns

Watch – @Gucci

Swimwear – @BananaRepublic

Drives: Audi TT @audiaustralia

Thomas Whalan – Sport


Throughout my business travels, I’ve encountered remarkable men who on the surface have exuded successful careers, pioneered ground breaking innovative products and business models and done so with an extraordinary sense of style.

But what is not necessarily known, is what they sacrificed and experienced on an emotional level along the way.

In life, what men feel at a young age sculpts them, like china to a fiery kiln, and what is never discussed is their emotional response to these events that eventually opens their eyes to their life’s work.

From millionaire, to business empire CEO, I have managed to hold in-depth conversations with these men to find out the complex tapestry underneath their shiny successful businesses….and what I find will surprise and give great encouragement to the next generation.

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