What Women Want

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Louise Edmonds, the Founder of MenStylePower talks to women in fashion and style to get the low down on what they feel are the best tips and tricks for guys to be their holistic best. You see us ladies, want to boost your confidence in the game of love and life.

This is real advice from women who want to see men become awesome, warts and all.

You see, what we grapple with, such as size, height, weight, colouring and so forth, we know you grapple with also. So we’re keen as mustard to help you see the best in you, as we would like to see you confident and powering along this journey. Just think of us as your wingman. Ahem, wingwoman.

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Today, MenStylePower is eight years old and has captured the attention of over 5.5million viewers since its inception in 2009. We’ve talked about the hard stuff in our ‘inner man’ category as well as the obvious fashion and style for our readers and we’ve come to the conclusion that giving advice from real women was the next top category in our 2016 journey.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a city slickin dude, a hipster, goth or are from the country. We are going to reach you somehow whether it be in a podcast or a video on our additional platforms that we so humbly write for; being Fashionbeans, CEO Magazine, Brands Exclusive, Sydney Morning Herald’s Executive Style or Askmen – we want you to know that with a little help from your girls, you’ll be on your way to win in life being the stylish man you were meant to be.

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